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6 weeks - 1 year old
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It’s a huge step to entrust another person with the care of your child. All of us at the centers, but especially our exceptionally talented baby educators, will work with you to make the transition as easy as possible. When you visit our infant classroom, you’ll get a glimpse of how much we care about making your child feel welcome, secure, and prepared to learn about the world around them. Babies must feel secure emotionally in order to thrive. That’s why our instructors make sure to give lots of hugs and encourage students to show their feelings through various vocalizations, body language, and gestures. And they start to bond with the other infants and the educator.

Little Explorers prioritizes safety as a top priority, both for the children in our care and the employees who look after them.

Read more on health and safety on our FAQ page. Regular routines will be in place in your baby’s classroom. Infants always gather during group time, play outside, and engage their senses with discovery baskets, regardless of their unique sleeping and feeding cycles.

infant2,,Infant Daycare Near Me