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3 - 5 Years Old
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Montessori Childcare

We think children learn best through play-based experiences; therefore, we use activities like humorous stories with recurrent letter sounds and games that feature letter identification to teach them these vital abilities. Children learn and retain more knowledge when they are engaged in an activity, they find enjoyable, when they are actively participating in the learning process, and when they can use several of their senses to do so. As a result, our Preschooler curriculum does not include the usage of dittos or worksheets, which have been shown to be less interesting or enjoyable for young learners.

There should be open lines of communication between home and school. Daily reports are emailed home to parents detailing the full scope of the children’s educational experiences for the day. Outside of each classroom is a bulletin board with useful information such as the daily schedule, weekly meal, any announcements, and the daily lesson plan.

In our program for older preschoolers, we focus on helping children acquire abilities such as:

  • Participating in teacher-led group activities
  • Managing transitions
  • Following rules and routines
  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Expressing themselves through art and movement
  • Identifying some printed letters and words

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